Quanta Ignis Photography is a voice.  It's one man's attempt to speak.  It's a visual rant against a world that tells us to sit down and color. 

 Photo by Justin Waits

Photo by Justin Waits


Tony Holt

It all started with a simple request.  "Hold my flash."

I majored in Electrical Engineering at Oklahoma State University.  I became enamored with the qualities of light.  Particle, wave, present, or absent, there was no lack of qualities tickling my sense of exploration. 

With that simple request, a friend, Ed,  showed me how light could speak.  it gave me a way to tell the myriad of stories that swarmed within my mind.  Light offered the chance to express myself.  Ed and I opened up Nancy's...a studio where ideas are free. 

My photography seeks to tell a story utilizing the innate beauty of the human form.  It recognizes the simple truth that there is beauty in everyone. 






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